Aesthetic Phlebology for Cosmetically Disturbing Spider-Veins

Minimally Invasive procedure for Spide Veins.

Return to normal activities on the same day.

Only procedure for varicose veins that does not need stockings

USFDA approved adhesive based instant closure system

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Get Beautiful Looking Legs

Aesthetic Phlebology deals with treating veins that are not yet painful but are cosmetically disturbing. These typically are less than 5 mm in diameter but do not yet show large vein valve incompetence on ultrasound examination.

Spider and small veins are a real cosmetic issue. You are entitled to crave beautiful-looking legs. Wearing long dresses just to hide those veins should not even be an issue. Visible veins on legs can be a cause of loss of confidence.

Image by Lucrezia Carnelos

Pleasant Treatment Experience

Traditional methods like EVLA or RFA require multiple needle pricks along the path of the vein to numb the area. This can be an uncomfortable process and few patients would actually need sedation or even spinal anesthesia to help with the pain.

Now, varicose veins care can be a pleasant experience. With the onset of this Non-Thermal technique, the patient no longer needs to be given multiple local anesthesia pricks that are given in Thermal techniques like EVLA or RFA. This is called tumescence or tumescent anesthesia. This is usually a mix of local anesthetic medication and saline, usually, about 500 ml would need to be injected around the vein to lock in the heat in the target vein and prevent other healthy tissues from burning.

Augmented Reality in Action

The feeders of the small spider veins on the skin are identified using an Augmented Reality vein viewing device that is an infrared projector that penetrates up to 8 mm under the skin and
makes subcutaneous veins easily identifiable.

India's Best Treatment Facility

We bring India’s first Video Assisted Transcutaneous Cryo Laser device, the Exotherme. This device magnifies the spider veins by 10 times and allows computerized targeting of these veins while simultaneously cooling the skin to 5 * C. The ease of targeting and simultaneous cooling along with visual vein “zapping” is an obvious step up from the various handheld and manual targeting devices that have a risk of burning the skin instead of veins.

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