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Bharti Maheshwari


I have had Varicose veins  problems since one year. I had constant pain so much that it affected my  social life. I used be very aloof because of that, started feeling  negative about everything. I came to know about The Vein Center through  Google and thought of visiting. The moment I entered the centre I got  visited positive vibes. I met Dr Saurabh Joshi and Dr Rohit Basapure who  explained him everything about my condition and the solution. I went  ahead the EVLA procedure and now after 2months I all fine. There is no  pain. I don't have to take any medication. My advice to everyone is  don't run away from this problem and do get treated for this. I'm  thankful to all staff members who are very helpful and friendly and  grateful to know both the doctors (Dr Saurabh and Dr Rohit) and will  recommend it everyone.

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