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Chetan Sanghvi


I have been a long time  patient of Deep Vein Thrombosis (DVT) and subsequently developed  varicose veins on my right leg below the knees. It was very unfortunate  that, I was not getting cured in spite of showing it to so many  specialized doctors and undergoing an operation in 2012. Let me tell you  that, the intense pain, fatigue & swelling in the legs continued  and the discoloration on my skin just refused to go away……on certain  occasions I was in tears.......  

This story of my agony continued until I met God’s sent angel in the  form of a humble human being i.e. Dr. Saurabh Joshi. I got in touch with  him in 2018 at his clinic located in Andheri (East), Mumbai. On meeting  Dr. Saurabh I felt that, God almighty has finally answered my prayers  by sending me in the right hands to a doctor who not only attended me  gracefully but more importantly had fantastic knowledge on the subject  and guided my thoroughly.  Finally, the end to all my excruciating pains and sufferings ended after  I was operated upon by the great gentleman i.e. Dr. Saurabh Joshi in  August 2019 at his treatment center located at Khar (West), Mumbai.  

Today, almost six months of post-operation, I can confidently state  that, my pain & swelling has disappeared, the skin texture has  become healthier & is regaining its original colour.  Kudos!!! Dr. Saurabh and his team of brilliant doctors, anesthetist  & consultants for performing perfect diagnosis and a successful  surgery on me. God bless you all.  Last but not the least, let me make it a point to also mention here  that, the entire staff and management at Khar treatment center is  amazingly friendly, well cultured, concerned towards the well being of  every single patient, have always made me feel comfortable &  confident and never allowed the ‘fear-factor’ to enter my mind.  Yes! A blend of ‘right people’ well equipped with ‘up to date  technology’ is what you will find at Vein Center, Khar - Just a perfect  center for 100% varicose vein treatment.

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