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Gloria D'sa


I had been suffering from a  swollen foot and ankle for some years.Had consulted several doctors  including orthopaedic doc, and a rheumatologist. No one was able to  provide a diagnosis or solution for my condition. Just by chance I came  across an article about Vein Center in Mumbai and was happy to read that  they had a collaboration with Apollo clinic. So I took an appointment with Apollo for a doc from Vein Center. I met  Dr.Rohit Basapure and he put me at ease as he explained things and did  an ultrasound of the leg.Even as he was doing the ultrasound, he would  point out to the screen and explain things. After the ultra sound test,  he explained the clinical findings and offered advise on the treatment  to be taken.  Was really happy with his services and grateful to the Vein Center for  the specialised treatment they offer.  Would highly recommend their services for anyone suffering from Varicose  veins. In Mumbai they have centres at Khar and Andheri and have a tie up with  Apollo Clinic.  Thank you Dr. Rohit and Vein Center.

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