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NK Gupta


I had observed early  varicose veins about 40 years which I kept neglecting until July 2019  when I had swelling on my right ankle and lots of itching. I was then  advised by my GP that my varicose veins problem is highly aggravated and  I should consult a varicose surgeon for surgery. We looked up the  Internet and decided to consult Dr. Saurabh Joshi at Vein Center, Khar  west in Mumbai. He examined me and advised surgery which I should have  undergone many many years ago. While doing sonography he explained the  problem in detail as well as how it would be tackled. He explained in  great detail how the surgery will be done and said it would take about  six months to see positive results.  

Dr. Saurabh made me very comfortable, spent a lot of time explaining  everything in detail and answered all questions from me as well as my  family. He is very polite and soft-spoken. He advised me to remain in  touch through WhatsApp messages and kept advising me on change in  medication and when to see him as and when he felt necessary. I would not hesitate to recommend him to anyone who is suffering from  varicose veins.

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