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Last year, on this day, I  had my leg operated on in Mumbai by Dr Saurabh Joshi, the best doctor in  Asia. I had a complaint of thrombosis in my leg 12 years ago today.  Which was fine, it was done by medicine and cold water compress but it  gradually turned into varicose vein. Due to injury from last year bike ,  it turned into ulcer which was very scary and slow to see. Slowly it  was happening in the whole leg, it was becoming difficult to stay true. 

 Treatment was going on from Bhagalpur, there was no scope for  improvement, then from August 16 to August 24, I went to the best  institute and one of the best doctors in India and contacted about the  consultation and its treatment. First move to patna and same day move to  banglore. 17 to 21 aug I went to different institutes in bangalore to  understand about it 

  1. First move to Aestar hospital. 

  2. Jain hospital 

  3. colombo aisa 

  4. Naryana Herdelya where Dr.Robert Jorge met who is a world famous  expert in vericose vein treatment with laser technique, he was the first  to stabilize my leg and make me able to stand. We all had completely  decided that the operation has to be done with laser technology only. He  gave us the time of Next Friday. 

In the meantime, to get 2nd opinion,  after going to Biranchi in Hyderabad and Gangaram Hospital in Delhi and  Vellore to get information, then i found  Dr. saurabh joshi  mumbai and Th Vein Center. At the behest of the big doctor, he saw  my leg from Mumbai for about 1 hour through WhatsApp and explained  everything by talking. He told about a new technique Venaseal. 

We took a  flight from Bangalore at 2:00 in the night and went to Mumbai at 5:00  in the morning. And being a great recommendation. He did my operation on  that day for the holiday which is on the occasion of his birthday and  the best thing is I was scared. He was reciting Sunderkand. He recited  Sunderkand in his operation theater. He finished the operation in about 4  hours while reciting various hymns and songs, then he fed a cake, made  breakfast and said that you can now return home with your feet, I could  not believe it but God's grace doctor's hard work Due to the prayers of  lakhs of children, it helped to come from Mumbai to Bhagalpur. Today it  is 1 year. I am completely healthy by the grace of God and your love. Video - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FVzDFMQQj4I

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