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Reena Chudasama


Hi I’m Rina from Mumbai. I  am 63 years old and have been suffering from severe Varicose Veins for  many years. It was so bad that my right ankle was perpetually swollen  and blackened. It was extremely painful and I could not do any sort of  activity, even walking for a few minutes or having a bath resulted in  excessive pain and discomfort. I am a heart patient and no  anaesthesiologist would give me anaesthesia so any kind of invasive  treatment was out of question. I did have a non invasive treatment done  in 2011 called Foam Sclerotherapy but within a few months my Varicose  Veins were back. I had no other recourse and was under the impression  that I would have to bear this pain discomfort and embarrassment for the  rest of my life and live without enjoying my life to the fullest.  One day while watching YouTube I came across an advertisement for  Venaseal which was done in the Vein Center at Khar. 

I researched a bit  and was convinced that this was meant for me. I consulted Dr. Saurabh  Joshi at the Vein Center Khar. He is a wonderful person and an angel in  human form. He checked out my Varicose Veins did a Doppler Scan and  explained to me the Venaseal Procedure with utmost patience and care.  Then came the pre - procedure tests. Being a heart patient there were a  few extra tests and consents I had to take than a normal patient  but Dr  Saurabh was very understanding and careful and explained each and every  extra consent that I had to take and why.  Anyway I passed the plethora of tests and consents and only when Dr  Saurabh was convinced that I could go through this procedure without a  problem did we set up a date for the procedure.  The day for the procedure dawned and I was a little worried as I can’t  bear pain but Dr Saurabh and the anaesthesiologist put me at ease  talking to me and calming me they even put on my favourite Hemant Kumar  songs and finally I was ready for the procedure.  The procedure itself was only for half an hour or so and totally  painless even for a person like me who is petrified of injections and  pain. 

I didn’t even realise when the procedure started and when it was  over.  Today it been a week and I went for my follow up consultation and I  couldn’t believe the change in my legs. The swelling has almost  disappeared and so has the discolouration pain and discomfort. After  years I was able to look at my legs without being perturbed and Dr  Saurabh has assured me that they will get better in the coming days. I  can’t wait to start my exercises and yoga.  I am so grateful to Dr Saurabh, The Vein Center and the Venaseal  procedure for giving me back my legs and my life because without my legs  my life was useless.  I would recommend this procedure to all those suffering from Varicose  Veins.  I would like to THANK Dr Saurabh and all the staff of The Vein Center  Khar for looking after me so well.

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