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Sudhakar Joshi


I am Dr. Sudhakar Joshi,  74. I had very painful soles since last 15 days.  There was fullness..  oedema on left sole...making walking very painful. Dr. Saurabh Joshi, my  son did USG and confirmed that I have vericose veins on both legs. On  Thursday 3rd December, he performed the Venaseal procedure on my both  legs in his Dr. Joshi's Vein Center at Khar, Mumbai. Believe me, being  in Medical profession for the past more than 40 years, for a Doctor it  is very difficult, emotionally and otherwise to treat his/her own blood  relative, least father or mother. 

It needs extraordinary confidence and  courage to do it. I am proud to say that my son Dr. Saurabh displayed  both and performed this Venaseal procedure on me flawlessly. As soon as I  climbed down the operation table, I was so surprised to see that I  could walk to my bed without even 0.01% pain!! This is THE moment when  patient sees  God in the Doctor! I have lived this moment myself! I  profusely thank the entire team of the Dr. Joshi Vein Center, Dr.  Saurabh himself, Dr. Santosh Patil, Dr. Ashwini Joshi, Dr. Purva  Khandelwal, the anaesthetist and all the support staff who displayed  excellent manners.

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