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10 Foods to Avoid for Varicose Veins Diet Treatment

Updated: Jul 25, 2022

The veins around the affected area occurs in clusters, these veins are called varicose veins or spider veins, and these are usually found near the outer layer of one’s skin. The size of the varicose veins varies from being quite small to be very large.

The exact reason of how they are caused is still unknown, even by the doctors as well. But one knows that the valves which circulate blood through the spider veins don’t work properly, which causes blood to clot in some areas of the veins.

One can use sclerotherapy as it helps in varicose veins treatment. It isn’t possible to completely cure them but it can be treated by sclerotherapy.

Some causes of varicose veins are as follows:

  • Obesity

  • Standing for a longer period of time

  • Age-related, it may become more visible when people start growing older

  • During pregnancy

Spider veins can be a symptom of tumors in the pelvis on a few rare occasions. Vein treatments are done through sclerotherapy which is a medical process where one is injected into their veins with a saline solution. It causes the veins to collapse, which basically allows blood to flow to the non-varicose veins. To relieve the pain one can use another method of treatment as well which is to use lightweight compression stockings. One can also avoid sitting down with their legs crossed and avoid standing in one position for a longer span of time.

There are few extreme cases where one is required to undergo the surgery to treat the varicose veins. It is important that one chooses the kind of foods which one can eat carefully in order to not aggravating the spider veins or putting oneself at risk of developing them. In this regard, diet plays a major role. Following are a few foods which one should avoid if they are suffering from varicose veins;


Fiber is a crucial element in the vein wall formation and vital to the proper circulation of blood in one’s body. This is because fiber prevents constipation and also the formation of blood clot, but normally non-refined grains are believed to be good for varicose. But reined ones have most of their fiber content removed so one should avoid food which is made of refined pasta and white rice.

#2 - SUGAR

In one’s bloodstream sugar behaves exactly like processed grains. High intake of refined sugar not only leads to obesity but can also result in various health hazards.


Excessive intake of sodium can lead to more retention of water in one’s body. The body retains more water so that it can lower the content of sodium in the cells, which eventually increases the quantity of blood which flows through one’s veins. Its effect is that it adds extra pressure to valves and veins, weakens the walls of the veins.


Excessive use of alcohol can also lead to varicose veins. Alcohol can affect the blood circulation in one’s body as it attacks the ability of the liver.


Foods which contains too much salt can make one’s varicose veins worse.


Vitamin K is known for clotting the blood therefore when there is too much of it in one’s body then it makes the blood thick and makes the blood circulation difficult in one’s legs or other parts of the body. Avoid green vegetables like spinach, kale, and cauliflowers.


If one wants to ensure they have a healthy vascular system then it is crucial to maintaining potassium levels high and sodium levels low. Limit the intake of soy sauce or completely eliminate it from one’s diet.


If one gains weight then they can as well result in putting increased pressure on their lower leg veins and therefore it increases the risk of varicose veins. Stay away from whole milk foods as it will avoid or prevent weight gain.


These also increase the chances of having spider veins.


Avoid juices as outside companies put preservatives which adds weight to one’s body.

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