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5 Health Risks of Untreated Varicose Veins

Updated: Jul 25, 2022

If there is one thing that immediately strikes your mind on the thought of varicose veins is how unsightly these under-skin blemishes appear. While it is true that varicose veins do impact your aesthetics, treatment of this condition is more than just about your appearance. When left untreated, varicose veins can lead to several serious medical conditions. Many times, people tend to ignore varicose veins simply because varicose veins treatment cost may seem unnecessary for lack of evident symptoms.

What are varicose veins and why is its treatment important?

Varicose veins treatment cost is one of the hot topics of discussion for this condition is becoming an increasingly common in middle-aged women. Sedentary lifestyle, excess body weight and genetic factors are considered to be the common causes for this condition. Many women develop this condition during their pregnancy, which is typically due to the weight gain. Some people may experience symptoms such as itchiness, fatigue, pain and discomfort in legs while there can be many others who may not experience any such symptoms. This is the reason why mostly varicose veins condition is seen as cosmetic inconvenience than as a health risk. However, there are some hidden health risks that varicose veins will leave you with if untreated.

Here are some potential major health risks, serious enough to leave you hospitalized, that can be the result of prolonged non-treatment of varicose veins.

#1 - Ulcers over the affected area

Long term fluid built up in the tissues surrounding the varicose veins can lead to ulcers around that area. These ulcers usually take longer time to heal and are quite painful. Also, leg ulcers are more prone to infections, leading to further complications.

#2 - Bleeding

Some people with varicose veins experience bleeding when the veins close to the skin burst. Bleeding can be avoided when the varicose veins are treated at the beginning.

#3 - Superficial thrombophlebitis

This is the condition that is a result of blood clots in veins closer to the dermis layer of the skin. Since the veins are now more vulnerable to damage, the condition can lead to other complications apart from causing increased discomfort and pain.

#4 - Deep vein thrombosis

When you start seeing unsightly veins, it is important to consider varicose veins treatment cost in India and approach a doctor at the earliest as this condition can lead to stagnant blood flow in the veins creating blood clots in deep veins. This deep vein thrombosis can have a detrimental impact on your health as the blood clots can travel to your lungs through the bloodstream and cause life-threatening issues.

#5 - Lipodermatosclerosis

Varicose veins are one of the key symptoms for a serious illness known as Lipodermatosclerosis. The condition is known to cause tapering of the legs at the ankles along with hardening of skin, changes in skin color, pain and swelling. Controlling varicose veins symptoms can help in reducing the impact of this illness. Mentioned above are some of the more serious health risks. However, there can be other minor problems too that can be still very painful. The swelling, itching and pain with cramping in the affected area is a lot annoying that can you can imagine. Unsightly veins should never be ignored especially as the varicose veins treatment cost in India isn’t really huge in comparison to the risks associated with non-treatment.

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