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Can Varicoceles be Cured Without Surgery?

Varicoceles are said to be varicose veins of the scrotum. Varicose veins are twisted or swollen veins right under the skin that usually appear on the legs. Varicoceles are caused due to enlarged veins found in the scrotum or testes, i.e., the bag of skin that holds the sperms. Varicocele is something that usually does not cause any complications, but it could affect the sperm quality and count in some people. Varicoceles occur around the testicles. It is caused due to an enlargement of a vein in the testes. Around 15% of males are affected by this. Varicocele is a phenomenon that develops in this 15% between the ages of 15 to 20.

There are a couple of surgeries that can be done to cure varicoceles. These surgeries are a varicocelectomy or laparoscopic surgery. When these surgeries are done, usually no complications arise, but like any other surgery, there are a few problems that you could face. Some of these problems include infection, further damage, and swelling or bruising, etc. of course; there is a way to Cure varicocele. Varicocele treatment without surgery is done through a varicocele embolization.

Some tips and information about varicocele embolization: -

  • A varicocele usually doesn’t require surgery. Surgery is performed only when and if it is required. Following are a few instances when surgery is conducted – fertility problems faced can be faced by a couple trying to conceive children, some males experience pain in the scrotum; usually the left testicle is affected and works slower, or semen ejaculated is found to be abnormal.

  • An embolization is a varicocele nonsurgical treatment and is performed by a vascular specialist. The embolization process causes fewer invasions during the process. In this process, a procedure is conducted to block off the affected veins. This leads to the varicocele shrinking and eventually dying off.

  • The patient is administered a mild sedative which helps to get the patient to relax. A local anesthetic is also present when your treatment procedure is being conducted.

  • In this procedure, a small catheter, which is an object that functions like an x-ray machine, is used. This machine is then sent through a small nick in your groin area. This catheter goes through the femoral vein to then go into the affected area of your testes or scrotum.

  • When an image through the catheter is received, a type of colour dye that is completely safe, known as a contrast, is injected in order to help your physician get a good look at the infected veins. This enables them to embolize, i.e. block off these affected veins.

  • Embolization has its pros and cons. An embolization process does not need rest from strenuous physical activity like exercise or sexual activities for more than two weeks. Also, this process has a success rate of 90% embolization also does not cause any scarring, nor does it need any overnight stays at the hospital.

A varicocele is not a phenomenon that needs surgery or treatment until and unless complications are faced. You must remember that these complications include pain and sperm count, etc. in case of these, make sure to consult a trusted doctor.

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