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Embolization: An Effective Alternative to Surgery for Treating Varicocele

A varicocele is a medical condition occurring in men wherein the scrotum veins, which are called pampiniform plexus, become enlarged or augmented. The skin-covered sac responsible for holding the testicles is known as the scrotum. The arteries & veins delivering blood to the respective reproductive glands also lie inside it. Varicocele is usually the result of some vein abnormality in one’s scrotum. It is similar to varicose veins that develop in the leg. A varicocele serves to be usually unilateral, meaning it occurs on the left or right side of the scrotum, though commonly found on the left side. In sporadic cases, it is bilateral, i.e., existing on both sides.

Varicoceles are very much familiar with an estimated 15 out of every 100 men suffering from it. They are more commonly found in men within the age group of 15 to 25 years. Reduction in sperm production and quality often happens due to varicocele, which in some cases, result in infertility. Varicocele can also cause the testicles to shrink or fail to develop naturally. Previously, surgery was the only varicocele treatment option, with laparoscopic, microsurgery, and open surgery being the three surgical options. But recent scientific advancements have led to the introduction of embolization, which is an effective varicocele treatment without surgery. Varicocele embolization is an ideal treatment option for men looking for a minimally invasive but equally effective alternative to surgery.

Varicocele embolization is a minimally invasive outdoor treatment procedure that requires only local anaesthesia. It utilizes imaging direction and a catheter to put minuscule coils and a fluid substance in a blood vessel to redirect blood flow away from a varicocele. Embolization is less invasive than traditional surgery and successfully provides relief from pain and swelling while also improving sperm quality. The benefits of varicocele embolization can be summed up as follows –

● One of the key benefits of undergoing varicocele embolization is that it utilizes interventional radiology means, and there is no need for enormous surgical incisions. It is very much safe because of the opportunity of visualizing the inside of the scrotum in real-time.

● It requires no surgical incision and is performed only through a small cut or notch in the skin that does not need any stitches, resulting in lesser pain than surgery.

● The recovery time is lesser than surgery, and the person can get back to his daily routine in a much shorter time.

● Varicocele embolization does not require general anesthesia and is performed under local anesthesia.

● The success rate with embolization is 90%, which is the same as the results accomplished by more invasive surgical procedures.

● It is an ideal treatment option for men who have had a varicocele recurrence even after undergoing surgery.

● There is a lesser risk of infection.

Many hospitals and clinics in Mumbai offer varicocele embolization, and individuals considering this treatment option can schedule an appointment to discuss more the treatment and know the varicocele surgery cost in Mumbai.

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