About Us

Meet Our Team at The Vein Center

We have a team of highly-qualified doctors with decades of experience that have always been a strong backbone towards providing exceptional patient care.

Our Story

The Vein Center is a super specialty vascular interventional radiology clinic chain where we deliver the most advanced treatment procedures that are minimally invasive in nature, with tiny incisions on the skin that earlier needed open surgical interventions. With over 10+ years in service, 4000+ happy patients, and our PAN India presence, we are home to world-class non-invasive care facilities.

We strive to provide world-class procedures accessible to people with top doctors, at the most affordable costs and are constantly updating methods to improve patient comfort.

Meet The Team

Dr Saurabh.png

Dr. Saurabh Joshi

Founder & Principal Consultant at the Vein Center

Dr. Rohit.png

Dr. Rohit Basapure


Dr. Purva.png

Dr. Purva Khandelwal

Principal Anesthesiologist

Dr. Mihir.png

Dr. Mihir Brahme

General Manager

Dr. Santosh.png

Dr. Santosh Patil

Neuro & Vascular Interventional Radiologist

Dr. Rahul.jpeg

Dr. Rahul Arkar

Consultant Interventional Radiologist