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What is the Best Treatment to Remove Large Varicose Veins?

Varicose Veins is a condition when the veins under your skin stretch and become large. This condition isn’t harmful to your body, but is simply caused because of the damage to the valves that ensure the blood flows upstream fighting the force of gravity. Once these valves are damaged the blood begins to flow in a downward direction and makes the veins stretch. The condition is common among old people and is seen in the leg area mainly. There are many treatments available to cure the disease and varicose vein treatment cost varies for the type of treatment you choose. However, the removal cost of varicose veins need not be too high as there are home remedies also available to cure the disease.

  • Selfcare – You can cure small varicose veins by simply exercising and controlling you diet along with wearing a compression stocking.

  • Sclerotherapy – Sclerotherapy is opted, when you have large varicose veins. The therapy is to insert and inject the veins with a foam that results in scarring of the veins. This scarring results in the veins closing and eventually the veins fade as they die and start to disappear.

  • Laser treatment – Laser treatment is believed to be the best treatment for removing the large varicose veins as it is the least painful and most effective. This method involves a laser beam being thrown on the vein to close the vein, and slowly letting it fade away. For larger veins a catheter tube is inserted into the vein by using laser energy. The heat of the catheter damages the vein and the blood flow to the vein stops, making the vein disappear over the course of a few days.

  • Ligation and stripping – This method involves tying a vein before it meets another deeper vein which carries most of the blood flow. There are small incisions made to make sure the vein is secluded and safely removed from the body.

  • Endoscopic vein surgery – This technique is suggested only if you have ulcers in your legs because of varicose veins. This technique is opted when the condition is serious, and the other techniques don’t work. The surgeon inserts a thin camera into your leg to see and then close the varicose vein. Once the vein is closed it is removed through small incisions.

Out of all the treatments, the self-care should usually do the job of not making the condition severe. However, if you do not like to have the marks of purple veins on your skin then the laser treatment is the best treatment, as it is needle free and pain free along with being effective.

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